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Factors Making Gaithersburg Fire Damage a Restoration Challenge

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

male standing by a SERVPRO car SERVPRO professionals in Gaithersburg are trained to handle every level of fire damage, including the odors that follow. Call us today!

SERVPRO Has Solutions for Fire Damage Effects

It is important to recognize how destructive fire events can be for homes and businesses. In many cases, there is no option other than pursuing professional restoration and cleaning, as the insurance company is involved and the thorough level of repair necessary is beyond the capacities of the average homeowner. In addition, there are specific factors that can make fire cleanup complicated, including:

  • Safety Concerns
  • Structural Damage
  • Soot Damage
  • Offensive Malodors

Gaithersburg fire damage events require experienced professionals like our SERVPRO team to address. We have experienced FSRT-certified technicians accredited through the IICRC to mitigate loss, clean up after fire damage effects, and restore the damage that smoke and fire effects can do to contents and the structure. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Fire Damage Mitigation

Mitigating damages is one of the priorities of our responding technicians, especially as soon as our team arrives. Emergency services allow us to regulate the spread and severity of loss effects without compromising the structure. It is necessary to overcome safety concerns through specific mitigating actions to make the cleaning and restoration faster and safer for our technicians and any remaining house occupants. Focuses of this effort include:

  • Airborne Threats - Soot and smoke solids can become airborne. We utilize air scrubbers and filtration equipment to make the environment safer.
  • Standing Water - The extinguishment process can leave standing water throughout the structure. We must remove this water damage threat to protect the property from secondary effects.
  • Debris Removal - It is essential to remove burned materials, ash, debris, and other solids related to combustion. Heaps of charred remnants amplify soot.

How Is the Structure? 

Evaluating the structure's condition is a focal point of the job scoping process. Fires are destructive and overwhelming for many building materials used in residential construction, causing complete or partial combustion of these elements in many house areas. Our professionals must evaluate where controlled demolition is necessary and if any building materials impacted can still be preserved and restored to their original appearance.

Can Soot Damage Be Removed?

Soot is one of the most formidable obstacles to remove after fire damage. We must carefully determine the type of smoke damage, the hosting material, and test various cleaning methods to ensure that the selected methods are the kindest to underlying substrates. Typical cleaning solutions include:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Abrasive Action
  • Controlled Demolition

Managing Odors After Fire Damage 

Malodors are a common byproduct of the combustion process. Not only must our responding OCT-Certified technicians address these smells throughout the structure, but we must also pay careful attention to when porous materials have absorbed smoke molecules and can continue to influence damaged rooms with offensive odors. We have several deodorization practices and products to help.

Restoration vs. Replacement

Careful considerations must be made to determine the best actions when SERVPRO can restore materials at a higher cost. Unique building materials and exotic items can be beneficial to restore over replacing. However, highly available and accessible materials like drywall and particle board cabinetry are often easier to replace than to fix at great length and cost.

Gaithersburg fire damage loss events are destructive and compromising to households and businesses. Because of the urgency of these situations and the requirements of insurance companies to use professional restoration services, we are a preferred vendor to complete the recovery of your home. Give our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team a call today at (301) 963-8474.

The Urgency of Gaithersburg Water Damage Events

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

water damage on a ceiling Not sure what to do when you have a ceiling leak in your Gaithersburg home? Call SERVPRO for water damage remediation.

SERVPRO Acts Fast Against Water Damage Threats

Damages from water to a household or business are a standard callout for our professionals to address. These situations must be met with the same urgency, as these conditions often only worsen the more prolonged exposure occurs. We prioritize effective mitigation solutions to resolve standing water and prevent the further migration of moisture through materials or open areas.

SERVPRO shows that with Gaithersburg water damage, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster by keeping our Green Fleet of vehicles stocked and ready to help with rapidly developing emergencies. We arrive with:

  • Air movers
  • Extractors
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Cleaning products

What Do Extractors Do? 

Extraction is a vital process of the mitigation that our professionals perform to protect the property and its contents from greater water damage. Standing water is a significant issue for residences, as this can begin to absorb into building materials and overwhelm structures. We have several types of water removal tools to help:

  • Weighted extractors
  • Carpet wands
  • Vacuums
  • Submersible pumps
  • Trash pumps

Placing Air Movers Correctly

There are multiple types of air mover equipment in our inventory to address any potential issues that could result for the household. Air movers are the foundational element of successful drying, as we have hundreds of these units that can be placed throughout the structure and impact a broad area of damp surfaces. The placement of movers is continually evaluated as progress gets monitored to ensure that we are achieving the best production possible.

What Impact Does Humidity Have? 

Humidity can be a significant hindrance to the drying process. Restorers must seek a balance in the production of evaporative drying tools and moisture management devices like dehumidifiers. Prolonged humid conditions can result in the development of mold.

Managing Moisture Content 

The more productive evaporation is with the placed air movers throughout the property, the more that this humidity increases in the drying zones. We place dehumidification equipment to manage this growing moisture content and can remove grains of moisture with processes like:

  • Condensation – refrigerant dehumidifiers pull moist air over cold coils within the unit to produce condensation. This water is then collected and removed.
  • Absorption – desiccant dehumidifiers absorb moisture, allowing them to manage a greater volume of vapor before discarding the collected deposit.
  • Ventilation – proper ventilation in a room can also help the dehumidification process and prevent conditions like mold growth by promoting greater airflow.

How Do You Know Water Damage is Dried?

Providing peace of mind to our customers is a priority of restoration. After damage events like leaking pipes and moisture present in the structural cavities, customers need to know that the water is removed and the building materials affected are dry enough not to support mold colonies. We have several sensors and detection devices to track moisture and damp pockets in the house, including thermal imagery.

Who Does Repairs? 

You might find that not all water damage restoration efforts after damages from water require repairs and reconstruction. When these build-back efforts are needed, it is beneficial to have a team like our SERVPRO professionals capable of completing these actions without requiring a subcontractor. From controlled demolition to more intricate replacement of installed building materials that return a property to its original state, we have a general contractor license to allow us clearance to complete these actions.

As soon as Gaithersburg water damage begins, it is essential to work fast to overcome these pressing threats to the property. As leading restoration technicians for the area, many look to our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team for mitigative and restorative solutions. Give us a call today at (301) 963-8474.  

Finding and Removing Gaithersburg Mold Damage

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trailer in a parking lot We have the equipment and training to complete mold damage remediation at your Gaithersburg home quickly. Call us today!

Remediators Work Fast to Manage Mold Damage 

Mold is a microorganism comprised of innumerable spores found in almost every living space. When damp conditions exist, such as infiltrating water after flood events, colonies can be facilitated and supported. Common areas where colonies can form include:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Bathroom

There are multiple concerns with developing mold damage in Gaithersburg homes. The most significant issue is the direct impact on the structure itself. Not all mold colonies are offensive, but nearly all can use organic matter like drywall and wood as a food source to continue their growth and spread.

Naturally Occurring Mold Spores

Many homeowners do not realize that mold occurs naturally in almost every environment. These mold spores threaten the structure only when conditions are met. This knowledge should make you cautious of any restoration group claiming to offer complete mold removal, as this is not a feasible course of action.

How to Discover Mold Damage

It is not always easy to determine where mold exists in your home. Some telling signs could indicate that microbial threats are probable, and these should be used to encourage homeowners to pursue professional inspections to validate these findings. Some signals that mold might be present in your home include damp materials and a lingering musty smell.

Honest Inspections and Work

The development of mold damage in your home can be traumatic and overwhelming. Without knowing what steps lies ahead, you can be uncertain whether you should pursue professional restoration and remediation or attempt to remove colonies on your own. Our technicians guarantee an honest inspection and detailed remediation plan, so you fully understand what is necessary, why it is needed, and the expected costs.

Remediation Solutions After Mold Damage

The remediation process focuses on the removal of active colonies in the house. There is no single appropriate action for this process, as infestations vary significantly in their penetrative properties, the hosting materials involved, and the location of this damage. Be careful inspections and evaluations of the affected areas in your home are necessary to ensure the appropriate remediation response is selected. Some options include:

  • Wet Cleaning
  • Abrasive Tactics
  • Controlled Demolition

Contending with Secondary Effects 

Removing active colonies from the residence is only the start of completing the necessary restoration of the property after these disasters. There are also additional ways these organisms impact comfortable living conditions, the most direct of these being offensive malodors. To overcome the musty smells generated by active colonies, we must implement multiple deodorization and neutralization practices and products. Some of the tools used in this effort include:

  • Thermal fogging
  • Hydroxyl machines
  • Ozone generators

Can Damaged Materials be Restored?

It is often a question if SERVPRO can restore mold-damaged materials or if it is more beneficial to pursue replacement and repair. When choosing SERVPRO for this work, we can complete both possible outcomes. The choice lies in the restoration cost and whether the proposed costs of replacing the material are greater than the expected estimated restoration.

With mold damage in Gaithersburg homes, there are multiple steps and stages to remediating the situation and restoring the damage to affected materials. We have extensively trained AMRT-certified technicians on our roster, ready to mobilize quickly to help when mold gets discovered in your home. Give our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team a call today at (301) 963-8474.

Trust SERVPRO with Fire Damage in Your Gaithersburg Home

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

Items Covered In Soot For fast and efficient service call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Gaithersburg Homes

Fire damage to your Gaithersburg home can be an overwhelming burden. Even after a fire has been extinguished, structural and content deterioration can persist for some time. The smoke and soot that linger in the property accelerate the corrosion of some materials in the property. 

This can significantly damage the visual appeal of metal or stone materials. Thus, a speedy response differentiates between salvaging contents and disposing of extremely damaged ones.

After a fire damage incident in Gaithersburg homes, the first 48 hours are crucial for recovering as many valuables as possible. When evaluating a home after fire damage, SERVPRO considers certain things that ease decision-making on how to repair.

Considerations While Evaluating a Property

  • The effects of heat and smoke
  • The sentimental value of items
  • Restoration vs. replacement costs

When to Clean HVAC After a Fire

Smoke and soot leave odors absorbed into the carpets, walls, curtains, and clothing. The longer residues stay on, the harsher the smells. Also, there is a danger of hidden soot and odors in a system like the HVAC ducts, so it is sensible to work with SERVPRO. Our technicians respond with high-tech equipment for proper soot cleanup and restoration.

Cleaning the HVAC system is not mandatory after every fire damage incident. Therefore SERVPRO technicians inspect the system to test for smoke residues. The ductwork can spread smoke particles back to the house after restoration has been completed. Cleaning is usually necessary in case of moderate or heavy smoke deposits. Additionally, we can apply duct sealing when cleaning is not possible in some parts of the duct system.

Factors that Determine the Feasibility of HVAC Cleaning

  • The severity of the fire
  • Location of fire
  • How long the fire was in progress

SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown follows industry-standard guidelines after fire damage to help return your home and contents "Like it never even happened." Call us at (301) 963-8474.

What Do Mold Remediators Do for My Gaithersburg Home?

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

Illustration of Mold & Mildew sign All you need is SERVPRO for all your mold damage needs. Call (301) 963-8474.

Mold Can Affect Your House’s Damp Areas, From The Basement To The Attic But Our SERVPRO Remediators Can Help Manage And Remove These Threats.

Why Do I Have Mold In My Home?

Storm damages, flooding, and mismanaged water disasters in your Gaithersburg home can all attribute to the appropriate conditions for mold and microbial threats to develop. With high moisture content in the house, spores can grow on damp surfaces within 48 hours. The presence of these organisms moving through the property can have a damaging effect on the structure and its occupants, especially considering that mold colonies have already begun to spread before they become apparent to homeowners and property management. Professional mold remediation companies, like our SERVPRO team, can offer efficient approaches for cleaning, deodorizing, and repairing after mold losses.

While you might find DIY approaches on the internet encouraging you to treat fungal growth on your own, there is no equal to professional mold remediation for Gaithersburg homes. Our advanced tools, products, and experienced personnel translate to a precise result for the entire present threat. Often DIY restoration and recovery options only address the surface layers of material but do little for these colonies in structural cavities beyond the face. Appreciating what to expect with mold remediation can ensure that you waste little time securing our professionals when discovering microbial growth.

Is Remediation the Same as Removal?

There are many companies in the area that claim to be mold removal specialists. Removing mold is a misleading conclusion for homeowners. Removing mold is not feasible (nor possible) or cost-efficient in any capacity, nor is it necessary for your household. Spores exist naturally in every environment and only become a threat when moist surfaces allow settling spores to root and grow. Occupants of your house get exposed to these mold spores daily, but they only become health effects to those exposed when colonization has begun. Remediation is not absolute removal of mold, as it seeks to:

  • Remove Active Colonization
  • Repair Damages to Structural Elements
  • Remove Lingering Effects like Odors

How Can Colonies Get Removed?

Colonies embedded in porous surfaces and other organic materials can become a threatening presence for your property. Remediation seeks to remove active colonization through several practices. These variances in approaches change based on the severity of the microbial threat for affected materials, the location of these damages, and the expense of restoring versus replacement. In some situations, it is more cost-efficient to remove and discard impacted structural elements than dry them and remove any fungal presence. The removal of mold colonies can happen in several stages or approaches, including:

  • Soda Blasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Sanding
  • Antimicrobial Surface Cleaning
  • Controlled Demolition

How Can Harsh Musty Odors Get Removed?

One of the secondary effects of mold presence in your home is the lingering musty odor that must also get addressed when remediators like our SERVPRO team get to work. Colonies emit overwhelming scents that can impact the entire immediate environment around the mold growth and damage porous materials and contents. Much like the spores that can travel pathways like the HVAC ductwork, odors can migrate to otherwise unaffected areas of the house and become trapped in carpeting, drywall, and other sensitive materials. Removing and neutralizing odors involves multiple deodorization tools and products that vary based on where odor removal is needed and the severity. Several potential mechanisms for this process include:

  • ULV Foggers
  • Thermal Foggers
  • Hydroxyl Generators
  • Ozone Machines
  • Air Scrubbers

What Makes SERVPRO a Wise Choice for Mold Remediation?

Remediation is an intricate process that must get performed to a thorough extent in affected properties, or the organisms continue to spread and impact materials and occupants. Our SERVPRO team values the education and development of our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) on our roster. It encourages continued education, training, and experience in this niche. We can provide a fast and knowledgeable response to give our customers fast, satisfactory results when discovering mold growing.

The presence of mold in your house can be an alarming discovery and one that should have homeowners working quickly to secure professional remediation like our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team can provide. We have experience and leading equipment to remove active colonization, restore the damage to the structure, and repair the house as needed. Give us a call today at (301) 963-8474.

What Can I Do if Water During a Rainstorm Enters My Germantown Garage and Gets My Things Wet?

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

Leak On Floor If you ever notice that the floor of your garage has water on it after a rainstorm, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown.

For Flood Damage Restoration After Items in Your Garage in Your Germantown Home Get Wet Call SERVPRO

Monsoon season is now in full swing, and it is possible that the Germantown region will see its fair share of excessive rainfall and severe thunderstorms shortly. When the rain starts to pour down, small streams of water could start flowing down the streets in your neighborhood and your driveway and then enter your garage.

Can You Save Items I Have Stored In My Garage If They Got Wet?

During flood damage restoration in Germantown, our SERVPRO technicians can often save your contents and building materials if we can remove the moisture quickly. However, since the water coming in from the outside could be contaminated by harmful bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens, we may have to remove and replace porous contents or building materials like your carpets. Our first step is to remove any standing water either by using a sump pump and putting it into one of your sewage drains or by extracting it with a truck-mounted extractor. Next, we can dry out your building materials and contents in place or separately, depending on the severity of the situation.

How Can You Dry Out The Wet Items I Have Stored In My Garage?

  • Dry in a Separate Location: If a large portion of the contents you have stored in your garage got saturated, then we can move everything out and dry your items in a clean and dry location. Drying out your structural components and possessions separately can speed up the overall drying process.
  • Set Up Fans and Air Movers: We can set up fans and air movers to create air circulation that will speed up the drying by pushing wet air away from affected surfaces so that more moisture can evaporate.
  • Implement Dehumidifiers: Dehumidification systems can remove moisture from the air and help prevent secondary problems caused by elevated humidity levels.

If you ever notice that the floor of your garage has water on it after a rainstorm, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 24 hours a day.

SERVPRO Can Provide Germantown Property Owners with Safe and Measured Water Loss Restoration

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded bathroom with water coming from the toilet Dealing with a toilet overflow? Team SERVPRO has the experienced technicians and the water removal equipment needed for the job. Call right away!

Is the Water Damage In Your Germantown Home Caused By Contaminated Water In Your Toilet?

Have your floors become water damaged from an overflowing toilet bowl? Do not touch the affected areas - they may be contaminated. We place water into three different categories depending on the level of contamination, and this determines what remediation procedures are needed.

Category 1 Water - Sanitary Water

Category 1 water is safe, uncontaminated water. The water damage from your Germantown home is less likely to be in Category 1 if it came from the toilet. Even if the toilet bowl is clean and the water is clear, it is still not safe to touch the water until remediation technicians can identify the level of contamination present.

Category 2 Water - Gray Water

SERVPRO technicians typically identify water from the toilet bowl as Category 2: significantly contaminated. This defines water that is absent of fecal matter, but present with urine and other unsanitary particles. Water that goes through the toilet tank and spills out onto the floor requires the use of gloves to reduce skin contact when handling the areas damaged by it.

Category 3 Water - Black Water

The most contaminated type of water, Black Water is present with fecal matter and possibly bacteria and other microorganisms. This water is grossly contaminated and needs to be handled with caution. Black Water can also be groundwater from flooding and water from a burst sewer. While on the job and dealing with this cleanup, SERVPRO technicians don protective gear to avoid contamination.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes:

- Gloves, Nitrile, Latex, Work Gloves

- Full-body suit

 - Respirator with particulate filters

- Waterproof boots

Black Water Removal And Home Sanitation

There are also different engineering controls needed to ensure that the contaminated water does not spread to other parts of the home. HVAC units are turned off to prevent contamination by air. Air scrubbers using HEPA filters can capture airborne moats. SERVPRO technicians can isolate the bathroom from other rooms with plastic sheeting 6-mil thick. Generally, this is needed when there is a blockage, not just a malfunctioning commode.

Is your bathroom carpeted? If so, the carpet may need to be removed. Most powder rooms and bathrooms are tiled or have a linoleum flooring material which resists water penetration.

Get rid of contaminated water as quickly as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Gaithersburg/Germantown at (301) 973-6257 for water removal and restoration services.

Mold Growth In Your Gaithersburg Home

4/19/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on the ceiling and walls near a window Regardless of where the mold infestation is located, team SERVPRO has the experience to help. We are standing by 24/7 - for your emergency call.

Three Main Threats of Mold Growth in Gaithersburg Homes

Microbial threats are among the most stressful situations for Gaithersburg homes, and ones that can easily get misunderstood or underappreciated for their severity. Any time that persistent moisture and dampness exist in the property, be it in the basement, attic, or bathroom, it is possible for mold growth to begin. When mold spores seat into organic materials like drywall and wood framing, it can spread quickly between materials and contents to create a volatile situation.

It is easy to utilize incorrect information you can find on the internet to make light of mold damage in your Gaithersburg residence. Understanding the truth about microbial growth and its actual risks can ensure that you better appreciate the need for removing these colonies before irreparable damage takes place. Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT.) Three main threats exist with mold growth.

Health Effects

One of the most significant obstacles for our SERVPRO team when we first arrive to remediate damaged homes is the effect that active colonization can have on those exposed. Homeowners and remediation professionals alike are susceptible to volatile organic compounds, an influx of mold spores, and other airborne threats.

Material Degradation

Mold uses organic material as a food source, which can be detrimental to your home in many ways. The first of these is how it can erode and degrade hosting materials over a brief period to the point that they are not usable. The more deeply and completely colonies spread throughout a material, the more challenging it is to remove this organism. Degrading materials can be among the worst to remediate, and it is often not possible to do so.

Persistent Odors

Odors might not seem like a pressing concern, but it can make comfortable living difficult. This musty scent serves as a constant reminder of the present colonization and requires professional equipment like our thermal foggers to neutralize entirely.

No matter how you discover mold in your home, our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown remediators can help. We have the equipment and expertise to handle each of these threats and make mold damage “Like it never even happened.” Give our professionals a call anytime at (301) 973-6257.

Restoring Flood Damage Right for Gaithersburg Homes

4/19/2022 (Permalink)

a puddle of water leaking into a bedroom from flood damage Flooding in your home can certainly affect your life. Contact our flood damage remediation certified SERVPRO technicians to quickly assess the damage.

Processes Ensure Flood Damage Gets Removed from Gaithersburg Properties

When contending with flood and water damage in homes and businesses, it is important to do our part as restoration professionals to have the job completed the first time correctly. With the urgency of these disasters and how invasive cleanup can often seem, homeowners benefit from the assurance that all necessary measures are taken to thoroughly dry and repair the property. There are several steps to provide this peace of mind.

Moisture Tracking

Flood damage in Gaithersburg homes can leave water and moisture in multiple structure areas. Before officially leaving a job, it is vital to understand that the necessary drying has taken place. We utilize several moisture tracking devices to identify damp pockets within structural cavities and direct the best locations for placing air movers and dehumidifiers.

Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

Another potential strategy for providing customers peace that the work has been done successfully, is watching the extensive cleaning and protective processes for the remaining structure. Preventative measures, such as applying antimicrobial products or sporicidal chemicals on surfaces, can prevent the spread of microbes and bacterial pathogens depending on the products used.


Communicating with the customer is another effective method of explaining the process completed during the restoration process and answering any questions the property owner might still have. Communication is one of our greatest tools, as this allows us to interface with the customer directly and hear their priorities and concerns to let us actively address these issues.

Thorough Final Inspections

A final walkthrough is required to consider a restoration process completed. Our management navigates recovered areas with the customer to describe restorative actions taken and preventative measures applied to protect the property further. This final inspection focuses on:

  • Dryness
  • Cleanliness
  • Solid structure
  • Content placement

After a flood, it is vital to get restoration started as soon as possible. Our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team is ready to help when disasters strike at (301) 973-6257.

Our Experts Explain the Water Damage Remediation Process in Your Germantown Home

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

Leak on Tile Floor If there is substantial water damage to your home don't try and clean it up alone. Call SERVPRO today for professional remediation assistance.

Protecting Belongings in a Water-Damaged Germantown Home

One of the strengths of our SERVPRO team is our content management professionals that can protect the belongings of your Germantown home. With how quickly water loss incidents can sweep through properties, many of your possessions can become affected or at-risk. As much as many homeowners have opted to seek the professional assistance that our team members can provide, there are ways that you can help reduce your loss in the items you own.

With the substantial level of water damage possible to Germantown homes, it is not surprising how a small circumstance can blossom into something severe. More importantly, spreading water can begin absorbing into material directly exposed, leaving both structural elements and your items susceptible to saturation. While we have a rapid response mitigation team that can start protecting these belongings with our pack-out and containment efforts, what do you do until help arrives?

Even with more widespread water damaged incidents that occur in the house, these emergencies are rarely enough to force homeowners and occupants to vacate the premises. Once a situation gets discovered in your property, you can save yourself time and money on the ultimate restoration costs by starting to move at-risk or compromised possessions to a safe place in the house. If protected from the developing water damage incident, even our content management might not need to remove all your belongings from your home when we arrive.

While you might not have a great idea of how water damage can affect treasured belongings throughout your property, you can at least work to elevate essential, irreplaceable items to get collected first by our response team. The SERVPRO professionals we entrust to protect these items are with them through every step of their restoration, including transportation to the facility and the cleaning and deodorizing of many of these same items. 

The team we dispatch to your address arrives with the full measure of tools needed to begin crucial mitigation efforts right away. Part of this recovery involves the earmarking and removal of at-risk items to our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown facility nearby. We go above and beyond to get things back to normal as promptly as possible. Give us a call today at (301) 963-8474.