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How Challenging is Odor Removal After a Gaithersburg Structure Fire?

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

heavy smoke filling room Smoke and soot damage linger long after extinguishing the fire.

While There are Many Steps to Fire Restoration and Recovery, Lingering Noxious Odors can Hinder Comfortable Living in a House After a Disaster 

Fires can present multiple layers of hazardous and damaging effects for Gaithersburg properties, many of which require the experience of professional fire restoration teams like SERVPRO to resolve. As widespread and threatening as these situations are, focused efforts like containment and cleaning can prevent these circumstances from overwhelming the house and its occupants. Odors are frequently one of the most challenging obstacles in this regard, as these conditions can spread far beyond the initially damaged ignition point. 

Of all the fire damage in Gaithersburg homes after a disaster, our initial focus is rarely deodorization. In truth, these efforts most often happen at the end of the restoration process, where the final touches get made to the property before returning it to the homeowner. Despite the lack of urgency with removing odors, unlike other restoration practice is necessary after a fire, there are several steps that we can take throughout the recovery of your home to minimize the severity of odor damage and migrating smoke effects. 

What Practices Can Reduce Odors?  

We can understand the importance of making living conditions more comfortable for occupants when relocation is not required after a fire loss incident. As challenging and unlikely as this might initially seem to homeowners, we have effective containment practices that can reduce the spread and severity of odors, soot, and other hazards present in the house after the disaster. Understanding how each of these initial steps can impact the overall presence of noxious odors in the house is essential to ensure that these stages occur at the appropriate times. Some of the scent reducing practices we set in motion during fire restoration include: 

  • Debris Removal – Ash and partially combusted debris make up a considerable volume of the cleanup required immediately following extinguishment. In the ignition areas, these structural remnants are often wet, odorous, and responsible for circulating soot and smoke particles. Shoveling out this debris and cleaning up the spaces with wet vacuums can noticeably reduce odor concentrations.
  • Surface Cleaning – Smoke residues can come to rest on services and contents, which can also be responsible for more severe odors in these specific areas. Through practices like wet cleanings, such as dissolving and emulsifying, we can trap and remove soils.
  • Controlled Demolition – Demolition is always one of the last considered options for reducing the severity of odors and other circulating threats. By removing damaged portions of wall systems, flooring, and ceiling materials, we can better prepare the area for the reconstruction required and reduce odors at the same time.  

What Deodorizing Products Help Absorb Foul Odors?  

Apart from specific tasks that our SERVPRO team can perform to reduce odors present in the house after a fire in Gaithersburg, potent products can also help in this regard. Even before official deodorization begins, many products and counteractants can remove severe odors from the environment. These granules or solutions often get applied to areas with the most airflow to keep the spread of these fire damage smells to a minimum. Some of these products include: 

  • Counteracting Beads
  • Deodorant Granules
  • Water-Based Odor Counteractants 

Are Special Tools Used in Odor Removal?  

Deodorization is a necessary process that often falls at the end of the restoration phases for fire damaged homes and businesses in our region. There are multiple tools and technologies used in this endeavor, tailored specifically to the individual loss incident and these properties' needs. As in all aspects of restoration, our professionals find the most efficient path to make these fire losses "Like it never even happened." Some of the equipment used in this approach include: 

  • Thermal Foggers – Fogging is one of the most efficient methods for removing and neutralizing present odors in the house after a fire. Its gaseous state ensures that we can affect the overall environment where fire losses occurred and any porous materials surrounding this damaged point that might have absorbed smoke and its odors.
  • Hydroxyl Machines – Hydroxyl machines are another popular choice for deodorization and environmental cleaning. These machines work in numerous ways to improve conditions within the house after a disaster. Onboard HEPA filtration removes harmful particulates from the air while UV cleaning approaches eliminate harsh odor molecules.
  • Ozone Generators – The generation of ozone through these machines creates an unbalanced compound the bonds with odor molecules to neutralize them. As useful as these approaches can be, it is unsafe for living creatures to be around the same environment where ozone is present, slowing other restoration aspects when ozone is required. 

Fire losses often leave harsh odors behind, but our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team can help. Contact us today at (301) 963-8474.

Does Leak Repair and Water Damage Go Hand in Hand?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

"Contact us" SERVPRO can make water damage in your home, "Like it never even happened." Contact us today at (301) 963-8474.

SERVPRO Ensures Your Gaithersburg Property Gets Rapid, Reliable Leak Repair and Water Damage Restoration.

Right after you notice a leak anywhere in your home, it is critical that you act fast. After the water source has been stopped and you know that electricity is not an issue, making a call to our team at SERVPRO gets you the rapid response you are looking to have. Because soaked materials can start to develop mold in as little as 24 hours after saturation, the faster we act, the better chances we have of salvaging the belongings within your Gaithersburg home.

What Caused My Water Leak?

When it comes to water damage repair in Gaithersburg, we often see that leaks come about due to a broad range of causes. Some of the most common reasons our customers call us for leak repair and water damage restoration include the following:

  • Broken Seals
  • Corrosion
  • Clogged Lines
  • Damaged Piping Joints
  • Excessive Water Pressure
  • Tree Root Intrusion
  • Loosened Water Connections
  • Drastic Temperature Changes
  • Human Error

If you have a leak in your home that comes from leaking pipes, then this is considered to be a clean water situation. A clean water event means that the water involved is relatively harmless or does not contain contaminants. 

Once called, our Green Fleet is on the scene in as little as a couple of hours to start the assessment phase. We bring a variety of industrial-strength tools and high-powered equipment to pull up as much water as possible. Our crew also utilizes moisture detection equipment to ensure no hidden moisture pockets get left behind. We take the time to carefully monitor the drying and dehumidification process so that everything is left “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Gaithersburg/Germantown is available when you need us for skilled water damage repair. Call us 24/7 for emergency response at (301) 963-8474.

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What Do Mold Remediators Do for My Gaithersburg Home?

8/8/2020 (Permalink)

signage of mold mildew fungus When signs of mold appear in your Gaithersburg home, Call SERVPRO for Remediation--Safe and Effective Results!

Mold can affect your house's damp areas, from the basement to the attic, but our SERVPRO remediators can help manage and remove these threats.

Why do I have mold in my home?

Storm damages, flooding, and mismanaged water disasters in your Gaithersburg home can all attribute the appropriate conditions for mold and microbial threats to develop. With high moisture content in the house, spores can grow on damp surfaces within 48 hours. The presence of these organisms moving through the property can have a damaging effect on the structure and its occupants, especially considering that mold colonies have already begun to spread before they become apparent to homeowners and property management. Professional mold remediation companies, like our SERVPRO team, can offer efficient approaches for cleaning, deodorizing, and repairing after mold losses.

While you might find DIY approaches on the internet encouraging you to treat fungal growth on your own, there is no equal to professional mold remediation for Gaithersburg homes. Our advanced tools, products, and experienced personnel translate to a precise result that takes care of the entire present threat. Often DIY restoration and recovery options only address the surface layers of material but do little for these colonies in structural cavities beyond the face. Appreciating what to expect with mold remediation can ensure that you waste little time securing our professionals when discovering microbial growth on your property.

Is Remediation the Same as Removal?

There are many companies in the area that claim to be mold removal specialists. Removing mold is a misleading conclusion for homeowners. Entirely removing mold is not feasible (nor possible) or cost-efficient in any capacity, nor is it necessary for your household. Spores exist naturally in every environment and only become a threat when moist surfaces allow settling spores to root and grow. Occupants of your house get exposed to these mold spores daily, but they only become health effects to those exposed when colonization has begun. Remediation is not absolute removal of mold, as it seeks to:

  • Remove Active Colonization
  • Repair Damages to Structural Elements
  • Remove Lingering Effects like Odors

How Can Colonies Get Removed?

Colonies that embed in porous surfaces and other organic materials can become a threatening presence for your property. Remediation seeks to remove active colonization through several practices. These variances in approaches change based on the severity of the microbial threat for affected materials, the location of these damages, and the expense of restoring versus replacement. In some situations, it is more cost-efficient to remove and discard impacted structural elements than dry them and remove any fungal presence. The removal of mold colonies can happen in several stages or approaches, including:

  • Soda Blasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Sanding
  • Antimicrobial Surface Cleaning
  • Controlled Demolition

How Can Harsh Musty Odors Get Removed?

One of the secondary effects of mold presence in your home is the lingering musty odor that must also get addressed when remediators like our SERVPRO team get to work. Colonies emit overwhelming scents that can impact the entire immediate environment around the mold growth and damage porous materials and contents in the vicinity. Much like the spores that can travel pathways like the HVAC ductwork, odors can migrate to otherwise unaffected areas of the house and become trapped in carpeting, drywall, and other sensitive materials. Removing and neutralizing odors involves multiple deodorization tools and products that vary based on where odor removal is needed and the severity of these conditions. Several potential mechanisms for this process include:

  • ULV Foggers
  • Thermal Foggers
  • Hydroxyl Generators
  • Ozone Machines
  • Air Scrubbers

What Makes SERVPRO a Wise Choice for Mold Remediation?

Remediation is an intricate process that must get performed to a thorough extent in affected properties, or the organisms continue to spread and impact materials and occupants. Our SERVPRO team values the education and development of our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) on our roster and encourages continued education, training, and experience in this niche. We can provide a fast and knowledgeable response to give our customers fast, satisfactory results when they discover mold growing in their homes.

The presence of mold in your house can be an alarming discovery, and one that should have homeowners working quickly to secure professional remediation like our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team can provide. We have experience and leading equipment to remove active colonization, restore the damage to the structure, and repair the house as needed. Give us a call today at (301) 963-8474.

What Can I Do if Water During a Rainstorm Enters My Germantown Garage and Gets My Things Wet?

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged property If you ever notice that the floor of your garage has water on it after a rainstorm, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown.

For Flood Damage Restoration After Items in Your Garage in Your Germantown Home Get Wet Call SERVPRO

Monsoon season is now in full swing, and it is possible that the Germantown region will see its fair share of excessive rainfall and severe thunderstorms shortly. When the rain starts to pour down, small streams of water could start flowing down the streets in your neighborhood and your driveway and then enter your garage.

Can you save items I have stored in my garage if they got wet?

During flood damage restoration in Germantown, our SERVPRO technicians can often save your contents and building materials if we can remove the moisture quickly. However, since the water coming in from the outside could be contaminated by harmful bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens, we may have to remove and replace porous contents or building materials like your carpets. Our first step is to remove any standing water either by using a sump pump and putting it into one of your sewage drains or by extracting it with a truck-mounted extractor. Next, we can dry out your building materials and contents in place or separately, depending on the severity of the situation.

How can you dry out the wet items I have stored in my garage?

    •    Dry in a Separate Location: If a large portion of the contents you have stored in your garage got saturated, then we can move everything out and dry your items in a clean and dry location. Drying out your structural components and possessions separately can speed up the overall drying process.
    •    Set Up Fans and Air Movers: We can set up fans and air movers to create air circulation that will speed up the drying by pushing wet air away from affected surfaces so that more moisture can evaporate.
    •    Implement Dehumidifiers: Dehumidification systems can remove moisture from the air and help prevent secondary problems caused by elevated humidity levels.

If you ever notice that the floor of your garage has water on it after a rainstorm, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 24 hours a day.

What Should I Do if My Walls and Floors Get Wet After a Pipe in My Gaithersburg Kitchen Bursts?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak If your walls and flooring ever gets wet after one of your kitchen supply lines breaks, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown.

For Water Damage Repair Inside Your Kitchen in Gaithersburg Call SERVPRO

Your kitchen is one room in your Gaithersburg house that has several water lines running in and out of it. If one of these lines breaks, several gallons of water could spill out into your kitchen and other living areas. If any of your organic building materials such as your floorboards, drywall, or wall studs stay wet for more than 48 hours, mold can start to grow.

How can you remove moisture from my wet walls and floors quickly?

During water damage repair efforts in Gaithersburg, our SERVPRO technicians start with the extraction process. We can then set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers that can remove moisture from your contents and building materials as well as air in the atmosphere. However, we must calculate the proper ration between the two machines because if there are too few air movers, the process will go too slowly, and if there are too many air movers, secondary damage can result because there will be too much moisture in the air.

How do you know how many air movers to set up inside my house?

All of our SERVPRO technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) program, and we follow the standards set by the organization to determine how many air movers to use. The IICRC S500-2015 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration says that an air mover needs to be placed in every affected room. Then the restorer should add additional air movers using the following guidelines:

    •    One air mover should be added for every 50 to 70 square feet of wet flooring.
    •    An additional fan should be placed for every 100 to 150 square feet of wet ceilings or walls above two feet high.
    •    An air mover should also be added for each wall inset or offset that is more than 18 inches.

If your walls and flooring ever gets wet after one of your kitchen supply lines breaks, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 seven days a week.

What Repairs Must Happen After Water Losses in My Gaithersburg Hotel?

7/19/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Plumbing breaches can happen without warning and leave your hotel contending with thousands of gallons of damage.

After a pipe burst in your Gaithersburg hotel, many rooms could be affected and require restoration, repair, and reconstruction

One of the more threatening aspects of significant water loss events in your Gaithersburg hotel is how rapidly the situation can get out of control. With pipes bursting from cold snaps or age, this scenario can unload hundreds or thousands of gallons of water into structural cavities containing the utilities. With much of these pipes hidden within shared walls and between the levels of the facility, a single loss event could have widespread ramifications for your guests in this wing of the hotel.

Among the most troublesome realizations for property owners in this scenario is that the conditions require more than water damage repair for your Gaithersburg hotel to return it to normal. Many restoration and recovery levels must begin as soon as possible to limit the impact on your guests, your facility, and the atmosphere you provide. Between the initial assessment of the property and the emergency services that you can expect from the licensed contractors on our roster, work begins immediately to get your hotel back in top form.

How Bad is the Water Damage?

One of the first steps that our professionals must take when we arrive at your building is to gather as much data as possible about the current conditions. A job scoping procedure can help to identify the present threats and what steps must occur immediately. Much of this initial inspection happens on the surface and exposed contents. However, we have sophisticated tools and technologies that allow us to better understand the water damage in structural cavities where the plumbing fixtures were located. Some of the tools that can help to see beyond the surface include:

    •    Surface Moisture Meters
    •    Thermal Imagery
    •    Probing Detection Devices

Why Is Controlled Demolition Necessary?

Responding contractors with our team can provide controlled demolition solutions. This approach can be beneficial for restoration and recovery. There are multiple advantages to this mitigation solution, though with the situation of a burst pipe in a shared wall of your hotel structure, here are some ways it can help:

    •    Access to Damaged Pipe – One of the immediate advantages with removing damaged portions of drywall and other affected materials is the access to the compromised piece of pipe. Demolition grants easy access to these damaged fixtures.
    •    More Efficient Drying – Drying can be a drawn-out and involved task for even our experienced restoration professionals. Controlled demolition provides more uninterrupted access to the damaged areas for direct drying practices.
    •    Oversaturated Construction Materials – Overexposure to water damages can leave materials like drywall too compromised to dry and restore. Removing these saturated materials leaves the room ready for reinstalling new materials.

Can Structural Cavities Get Dried?

The damage to your building's structural cavities can leave water penetration, becoming a pressing threat to numerous rooms and communal areas of the hotel. Drying out the wall openings reduces the migration of water effects throughout the structure. Accomplishing this requires some of the sophisticated tools in our drying inventory, including positive pressure systems, air movers, and dehumidifiers.

If controlled demolition has occurred, these drying efforts can often shorten due to the more unhindered access to the compromised areas. In situations where controlled demolition was unnecessary, positive pressure systems become a non-invasive approach to infuse the wall cavity with heated air to promote evaporation.

What Repairs Are Necessary?

Water damage repairs and restoration often go hand-in-hand. While the fixation usually involves the drying and extraction of immediate water and moisture concerns, the structural integrity of your hotel and its appearance to your guests must also share this same urgency. We have a team of in-house contractors that can work with you to determine your priorities in this recovery effort. Prioritizing what matters most ensures that you are ready for guests and continued business despite our restoration approach. Some of the common repairs and replacements that your hotel rooms require after water losses include:

    •    Plumbing Repair
    •    Drywall Reinstallation
    •    Carpet Replacement

Plumbing breaches can happen without warning and leave your hotel contending with thousands of gallons of damage. Battling these conditions should get left to our fast-responding and well-trained SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown professionals. Between our Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) and our licensed contractors, we can make water losses “Like it never even happened,” when you call (301) 963-8474.

What Must Happen Immediately to Protect My Fire Damaged Gaithersburg Home?

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

flames and smoke rise from burning house We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Fire Damage In Gaithersburg

Emergency services are a critical element of the fire response our technicians provide, and this could detail many specific actions.

Fire damages can be devastating to your Gaithersburg home, especially when it happens without you being around. Returning to the result of a damaging fire can be overwhelming and stressful. That is why our SERVPRO team takes such careful consideration with the job scoping after this disaster. By communicating with you, we can determine pre-existing conditions and work to streamline the restoration of your home as much as possible.

While there are several tasks involved in restoring fire damage in Gaithersburg homes, it is critical to have emergency services start as soon as possible. In many situations, these tasks precede even the job scoping phase. This time and effort provided by both our in-house contractors and restoration professionals work to make even the mitigation portion of restoration shorter and less expensive. The initial tasks completed focus most on structural breaches and conditions that amplify loss effects in the house. Some of the emergency services that our SERVPRO contractors and restorers provide include:

    •    Roof tarping
    •    Controlled demolition
    •    Fire debris removal
    •    Board up services
    •    Content management

When Can Mitigation Begin for the Property?

Because emergency services precede the job scoping, these efforts can make later phases like mitigation more efficient. Once the inspection of the property has completed, our team has a better understanding of what corrective actions are still required and what personnel and equipment are necessary to reach these goals. Mitigation is a vital stage of the complete recovery of a fire damaged property, so it happens as soon as possible once the damage assessment is done.

As much as it might seem like your home has suffered a total loss after a structure fire, our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team can help to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (301) 963-8474.

The Damage To My Home Doesn’t Look That Bad. Do I Still Need To Worry?

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

"Contact us" Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include water damage. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Hidden Damage in Montgomery Village Can Occur During Storms That Can Lead to Major Problems

Rain, wind, and hail can inflict severe damage on homes in Montgomery Village when storms strike. Often the impact is easily seen, but hidden damage could be lurking beneath the service. SERVPRO seeks out and restores homes hit with storm damage.

What hidden damage do you look for from flooding?

Flooding is one of the biggest problems caused by storms. In February 2020, five tornadoes touched down in Maryland, according to the National Weather Services. Tropical storms send torrential rains inward in many places in Maryland. If your home has weathered flood damage in Montgomery Village, you may wonder if the water intrusion truly damaged it. Here is what can happen:

  • Walls, floors, and ceiling cavities can become flooded.
  • Structural frame warping
  • Water migration 
  • Problems from black water migrations
  • Mold or microbial damage
  • Electrical systems damaged
  • Plumbing systems damaged
  • Condensation can cause problems

Act Quickly – Stop Flood Damage in its Tracks

The wisest thing any homeowner can do is to get emergency water mitigation quickly. The quicker our SERVPRO Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) technicians are on the scene, the lower the chance of things spiraling out of control. Our techs are experts at searching out hidden water. The right equipment will remove the water and moisture and leave your home “Like it never even happened.” Here are some ways we clean, restore, and repair: 

  • Moisture sensors
  • Powerful water extractions methods
  • Air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Restore as much as possible
  • Specialty cleaning for your contents
  • Move out services if you can’t stay in your home

 Don’t let flood damage cause hidden problems in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301 963-8474 for emergency water mitigation service that is Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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I Need Help with Water Removal in Montgomery Village, What Tools Does SERVPRO Use?

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Water damage restoration will ensure your interior is like-new once again.

Prompt, Reliable Water Damage Restoration is Where SERVPRO Shines – Call Us to Your Montgomery Village Home for Emergency Service

The kitchen and the bathroom are two common areas around the home where water incidents happen. Whether you had a dishwasher that malfunctioned or a pipe burst in your bathroom, the moments after the event are the most critical. Any water loss scenario calls for prompt cleanup to mitigate the damage and cut back on the severity of the loss. SERVPRO features highly-trained technicians who arrive prepared to get to work quickly so that your interior gets restored sooner. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we come to your Montgomery Village property with all of the technology and tools for the job.

I Started to Clean Up the Water, Is That Okay?

The main goal for water removal is to ensure that the standing water does not migrate into other areas. Water likes to travel to dry spaces while following the path to least resistance. Until we arrive, you can carefully try to mop up the water, but you must be mindful that you are not pushing it into hidden cracks and crevices. In many situations, we suggest that you leave the water damage restoration in Montgomery Village to our trained water restoration technicians (WRT) at SERVPRO.

Leave Water Extraction to the Trained Professionals

Whether you have hardwood flooring or carpeting in the water loss zone, our skilled team has the training necessary to remove standing water quickly. Handheld wet vacuums allow us to pull up water from hard-surface floorings, such as tile floors, linoleum, and hardwood. Weighted extractors, or rovers, are beneficial for removing water from carpeting as well as the carpet padding below.

We Track Water Migration

Once water removal begins after the initial water loss incident, there might not be any visible signs of water remaining. This is why our IICRC-certified team uses moisture detection equipment to determine whether we need to address potential problem areas, such as:

• Behind your baseboards
• Under cabinetry
• Within your walls or ceilings
• Under carpeting and subflooring

These are all common areas where residual moisture might be found, which calls for the use of professional drying and dehumidification equipment.

Detecting Moisture in Hard-to-Reach Areas

There are occasions when water may get between walls or into the subfloor as it travels to find lower points within your home. We utilize several moisture detection tools that allow our team to detect hidden moisture spots while also helping us to avoid the onset of mold. A few of the moisture detection tools that we use include:

• Moisture sensors
• Moisture meters
• Infrared cameras
• Thermal hygrometers

In some instances, the team might have to drill a few holes into the walls and then use a vacuum to pull water out of the cavity. This gets done while also blowing dry air into the space to facilitate drying.

What Happens During the Drying Phase?

For total water damage restoration to occur, the use of industrial-grade, specialized drying equipment is essential. If your subflooring call for drying attention, our technicians carefully remove your flooring or tile as needed. We utilize a range of drying equipment and technicians to circulate the air while cutting back on moisture levels. What this does is allow for optimum drying using technology such as:

• Industrial-strength fans
• Drying mats
• Centrifugal air movers
• Dehumidifiers

Should there be any small spaces that call for special attention, we utilize our InjectiDry system. This is ideal for addressing wall cavities once we remove the baseboards. The advanced drying method helps us to dry the space without the need to open the wall further with controlled demolition.

We Have a Special Formula to Enhance Drying

Once we put the plan in place to help with water damage restoration, our crew chief determines how many drying units and dehumidifiers are necessary to handle the project. Air movers work to pull moisture to the surface from materials like flooring, paneling, and drywall. Because water moves from wetness to dry spaces, it creates a reverse action where moisture makes its way out to get closer to the air currents.

Do I Have to Worry About Mold?

Many homeowners forget that even the slightest bit of leftover moisture can create the perfect atmosphere for mold and mildew growth. This is why professional restoration is best to ensure your interior is arid after a water loss incident. Elevated moisture levels and the right amount of humidity must be addressed to ensure your interior is clear and ready for you to enjoy once again. Our skilled technicians perform a variety of proactive treatments to the surfaces and structural materials throughout your home to eliminate the onset of bacterial growth.

Water damage restoration will ensure your interior is like-new once again. Call us at SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 to enlist our team for emergency service 24/7.

Can I Stay in a Burnt Property While Restoration Takes Place?

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

"Q" "A" For your many questions regarding your homes Fire damage, Call us at SERVPRO. We are always available to help you.

SERVPRO Makes Every Effort to Work Around your Needs During Fire Restoration While Maintaining an Efficient Service

Can restorers work around my schedule?

Restoration is a time-sensitive task that could lead to permanent harm of possessions or structure if there are delays. But we understand how technicians, chemical agents, and equipment can be an inconvenience to the homeowner. When it is safe for occupants to stay in their homes after a fire, SERVPRO performs emergency cleaning to make it livable. This cleaning may include essential rooms like kitchens or bathrooms, as well as laundry and dry cleaning services. Frequently, we can seal off areas of the property where damage is most severe while leaving the main functional areas of your home free to use. 

What should I do first when cleaning fire damage?

The first twenty-four-hours of fire restoration in your Gaithersburg home is crucial to controlling the extent of harm. Water, which may have been used as part of a firefighting procedure, can begin to damage fabrics or textiles, bond with soots, or create a microbial growth issue. Equally, odor particles may still emanate from the worst affected areas and spread throughout the home. SERVPRO can perform the emergency drying of the property. We can also seal or remove fire debris to prevent them from causing further odor issues while cleaning takes place. 

How can I remove fire odors from the house?

- Locate and remove the source of the odor

- Clean surfaces thoroughly to clear away odor-causing residues

- Use deodorant solvents ideally with misting or fogging equipment at sites of odor

- Apply odor sealant primer to surfaces that continue to produce fire smells

Fire and odor issues can be a massive inconvenience to your everyday life. Our technicians can make your home livable while performing the efficient restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474.

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