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What Repairs Must Happen After Water Losses in My Gaithersburg Hotel?

7/19/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Plumbing breaches can happen without warning and leave your hotel contending with thousands of gallons of damage.

After a pipe burst in your Gaithersburg hotel, many rooms could be affected and require restoration, repair, and reconstruction

One of the more threatening aspects of significant water loss events in your Gaithersburg hotel is how rapidly the situation can get out of control. With pipes bursting from cold snaps or age, this scenario can unload hundreds or thousands of gallons of water into structural cavities containing the utilities. With much of these pipes hidden within shared walls and between the levels of the facility, a single loss event could have widespread ramifications for your guests in this wing of the hotel.

Among the most troublesome realizations for property owners in this scenario is that the conditions require more than water damage repair for your Gaithersburg hotel to return it to normal. Many restoration and recovery levels must begin as soon as possible to limit the impact on your guests, your facility, and the atmosphere you provide. Between the initial assessment of the property and the emergency services that you can expect from the licensed contractors on our roster, work begins immediately to get your hotel back in top form.

How Bad is the Water Damage?

One of the first steps that our professionals must take when we arrive at your building is to gather as much data as possible about the current conditions. A job scoping procedure can help to identify the present threats and what steps must occur immediately. Much of this initial inspection happens on the surface and exposed contents. However, we have sophisticated tools and technologies that allow us to better understand the water damage in structural cavities where the plumbing fixtures were located. Some of the tools that can help to see beyond the surface include:

    •    Surface Moisture Meters
    •    Thermal Imagery
    •    Probing Detection Devices

Why Is Controlled Demolition Necessary?

Responding contractors with our team can provide controlled demolition solutions. This approach can be beneficial for restoration and recovery. There are multiple advantages to this mitigation solution, though with the situation of a burst pipe in a shared wall of your hotel structure, here are some ways it can help:

    •    Access to Damaged Pipe – One of the immediate advantages with removing damaged portions of drywall and other affected materials is the access to the compromised piece of pipe. Demolition grants easy access to these damaged fixtures.
    •    More Efficient Drying – Drying can be a drawn-out and involved task for even our experienced restoration professionals. Controlled demolition provides more uninterrupted access to the damaged areas for direct drying practices.
    •    Oversaturated Construction Materials – Overexposure to water damages can leave materials like drywall too compromised to dry and restore. Removing these saturated materials leaves the room ready for reinstalling new materials.

Can Structural Cavities Get Dried?

The damage to your building's structural cavities can leave water penetration, becoming a pressing threat to numerous rooms and communal areas of the hotel. Drying out the wall openings reduces the migration of water effects throughout the structure. Accomplishing this requires some of the sophisticated tools in our drying inventory, including positive pressure systems, air movers, and dehumidifiers.

If controlled demolition has occurred, these drying efforts can often shorten due to the more unhindered access to the compromised areas. In situations where controlled demolition was unnecessary, positive pressure systems become a non-invasive approach to infuse the wall cavity with heated air to promote evaporation.

What Repairs Are Necessary?

Water damage repairs and restoration often go hand-in-hand. While the fixation usually involves the drying and extraction of immediate water and moisture concerns, the structural integrity of your hotel and its appearance to your guests must also share this same urgency. We have a team of in-house contractors that can work with you to determine your priorities in this recovery effort. Prioritizing what matters most ensures that you are ready for guests and continued business despite our restoration approach. Some of the common repairs and replacements that your hotel rooms require after water losses include:

    •    Plumbing Repair
    •    Drywall Reinstallation
    •    Carpet Replacement

Plumbing breaches can happen without warning and leave your hotel contending with thousands of gallons of damage. Battling these conditions should get left to our fast-responding and well-trained SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown professionals. Between our Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) and our licensed contractors, we can make water losses “Like it never even happened,” when you call (301) 963-8474.

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