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The Diverse Culture of Gaithersburg

1/15/2021 (Permalink)

Lighted buildings along waterfront against night sky Gaithersburg has it all! Including SERVPRO-the only call you need to make for water damage restoration.

The City of Gaithersburg is Second on The List of Most Diverse American Cities

Living in a highly diverse area like Gaithersburg might seem daunting to some individuals who have lived in more homogenous surroundings. However, having many different backgrounds can make a community much stronger and vital than in other populated areas. 

The Chinese are One of the Many Asian Cultures that Settled in Gaithersburg

China has a bountiful number of subcultures, with the Han being the largest and most known. Splendid Chinese Ethnic Groups carries out many educational activities for the public regarding China’s inner diversity, as does the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC). Celebrations held in Gaithersburg sometimes showcase one culture or another as its centerpiece. These two organizations typically celebrate the Chinese New Year together at Lakeforest Mall.

The traditional respect and reverence for the elderly in Chinese culture is a year-round focus of the CCACC. They provide services for elderly adults and their families, working within our community as a highly dedicated non-profit. 

The Hispanic and Latino Presence is Even More Populous

Most communities from other countries living in Gaithersburg do not have a festival of their own like China does. However, the Hispanic community relies on the El Salvadoran Festival to help share widely held customs, including music, food, and different styles of clothing. Their festival includes a raffle and a beauty pageant.

Amongst all the individuals from Central and South America, Spain also has a few families living here. Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Panama help give our city a genuine experience of colorful clothing and delicious cuisine not available elsewhere in America.

The “Melting Pot” Continues in Gaithersburg

Other Asian countries represented in Gaithersburg include Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Sri Lankan, and Indonesian. Ethiopians, Indians, and Pakistanis live in our area who contribute daily to occupations ranging from domestic services to medical science technology.

We are fortunate to have people from around the globe as our neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and friends. Other nations with individuals who have decided to call Gaithersburg “home” include those in Europe:

  • Germany,
  • Ireland, 
  • Poland, and 
  • Scotland

An inclusive worldview acknowledges the abilities and cultures of those who made the often-arduous move from their home country to ours. It shows our appreciation for those who now live here. Understanding that they might miss their birthplace but want to share their culture with us enriches everybody’s lives.

Why SERVPRO Should be Your Go-To Water Restoration Company in Gaithersburg

The diversity that comes from the individuals in our community is a benefit. However, there are numerous ways that water can damage your property. Our ability to handle any damage left behind by water, flooding, or elevated humidity is why SERVPRO is a trusted Gaithersburg water restoration company. 

We keep up to date with the latest advances in our industry. Our employees become certified technicians in various areas of mitigation, remediation, and restoration. Each team member learns how to use several methods in a highly effective way. 

Many of these methods require specialized machinery and tools. We invest in these items, just as we do our team members’ training. Each piece of equipment, tool, and chemical has its own space, both at our facility and in our Green Fleet. Not only does maintaining a high level of detail keep us highly efficient, but it also cuts down immensely on wear and tear.

Clean Water Damage is Still Damage

Water from a leaky pipe or loose feed line to an appliance drenches floors with clean water. With this kind of problem, SERVPRO technicians first repair the plumbing issue. Then we perform the extraction, followed by drying of the affected area. Large amounts of water saturating your residence often require extraction machinery, air movers, desiccant machines, and heaters. We follow up to ensure that everything in your house reaches dry conditions according to standardized measurements. 

Specialized treatment needs to happen when it comes to certain flooring types, like wood flooring. Pieced wood tiles prove much more fragile than wooden boards. Any significant amount of time can destroy more fragile flooring, and we can help you decide the best approach if this happens to your house.

Dirty Floodwater Can Quickly Mess up a Home

When clean water sits inside a home for more than a few days, microbes begin affecting the water, making it like floodwater. We often perform the same techniques when there is a delay between the incident and our arrival.

Because flooding also brings debris into a home, we use a different approach overall:

  • Extraction includes removing water, silt, sand, mud, and debris.
  • Removal of damaged furnishings – flooring, low-to-the-floor furniture, wet walls.
  • Rinsing of nonporous surfaces with clean water, followed by a disinfectant spray.
  • Drying out of the property, including basement areas, crawlspaces, and enclosed areas like under stairways.
  • Replacement materials brought in and installed to complete the restoration project, ranging from drywall, and paneling to electrical systems, HVAC ducts, and floor coverings.

Elevated Humidity can Cause Residential Damage and Unwanted Health Effects

SERVPRO technicians do more than cleanup situations. They also help families in Gaithersburg prevent conditions from escalating and becoming worse. While some humidity inside your home makes the air more comfortable to breathe, too much can lead to mold and other microbes. A growth explosion of such microbes can soil clothing, eat away at walls and wood, and create a musty odor. 

Before this happens, we can come in and use specific cameras to locate the source of excess humidity. Frequent sources are clogged appliances, a leaky roof, and disintegrating drain systems. Other problems can also cause this, but our infrared cameras readily locate these areas.

All these reasons are why calling SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 for your water restoration needs makes sense. We are always available.

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