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The Urgency of Gaithersburg Water Damage Events

1/11/2023 (Permalink)

water damage on a ceiling Not sure what to do when you have a ceiling leak in your Gaithersburg home? Call SERVPRO for water damage remediation.

SERVPRO Acts Fast Against Water Damage Threats

Damages from water to a household or business are a standard callout for our professionals to address. These situations must be met with the same urgency, as these conditions often only worsen the more prolonged exposure occurs. We prioritize effective mitigation solutions to resolve standing water and prevent the further migration of moisture through materials or open areas.

SERVPRO shows that with Gaithersburg water damage, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster by keeping our Green Fleet of vehicles stocked and ready to help with rapidly developing emergencies. We arrive with:

  • Air movers
  • Extractors
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Cleaning products

What Do Extractors Do? 

Extraction is a vital process of the mitigation that our professionals perform to protect the property and its contents from greater water damage. Standing water is a significant issue for residences, as this can begin to absorb into building materials and overwhelm structures. We have several types of water removal tools to help:

  • Weighted extractors
  • Carpet wands
  • Vacuums
  • Submersible pumps
  • Trash pumps

Placing Air Movers Correctly

There are multiple types of air mover equipment in our inventory to address any potential issues that could result for the household. Air movers are the foundational element of successful drying, as we have hundreds of these units that can be placed throughout the structure and impact a broad area of damp surfaces. The placement of movers is continually evaluated as progress gets monitored to ensure that we are achieving the best production possible.

What Impact Does Humidity Have? 

Humidity can be a significant hindrance to the drying process. Restorers must seek a balance in the production of evaporative drying tools and moisture management devices like dehumidifiers. Prolonged humid conditions can result in the development of mold and microbial threats.

Managing Moisture Content 

The more productive evaporation is with the placed air movers throughout the property, the more that this humidity increases in the drying zones. We place dehumidification equipment to manage this growing moisture content and can remove grains of moisture with processes like:

  • Condensation – refrigerant dehumidifiers pull moist air over cold coils within the unit to produce condensation. This water is then collected and removed.
  • Absorption – desiccant dehumidifiers absorb moisture, allowing them to manage a greater volume of vapor before discarding the collected deposit.
  • Ventilation – proper ventilation in a room can also help the dehumidification process and prevent conditions like mold growth by promoting greater airflow.

How Do You Know Water Damage is Dried?

Providing peace of mind to our customers is a priority of restoration. After damage events like leaking pipes and moisture present in the structural cavities, customers need to know that the water is removed and the building materials affected are dry enough not to support mold colonies. We have several sensors and detection devices to track moisture and damp pockets in the house, including thermal imagery.

Who Does Repairs? 

You might find that not all water damage restoration efforts after damages from water require repairs and reconstruction. When these build-back efforts are needed, it is beneficial to have a team like our SERVPRO professionals capable of completing these actions without requiring a subcontractor. From controlled demolition to more intricate replacement of installed building materials that return a property to its original state, we have a general contractor license to allow us clearance to complete these actions.

As soon as Gaithersburg water damage begins, it is essential to work fast to overcome these pressing threats to the property. As leading restoration technicians for the area, many look to our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team for mitigative and restorative solutions. Give us a call today at (301) 963-8474.  

Common Areas in Gaithersburg Homes Needing Water Damage Repair

12/14/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe Spraying Water Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the water damage in your property. Call now!

Where Gaithersburg Water Damage Repair Is Required 

Gaithersburg homes typically suffer water damage in the same areas. This fact makes it much easier to locate leaks and determine what most likely needs to be repaired. Common places for these problems to occur are along ceilings, near piping, around windows, and beside water-using appliances. With this knowledge, residents can more easily catch leaks early before they become significant issues.

SERVPRO has been helping Gaithersburg homeowners with water damage repair work for decades. Over those years of service, our skilled technicians have performed a wide range of emergency water damage services, like the remediation of burst pipes and ceiling leaks, extensive basement flooding cleanup projects, and water damage repairs. With that said, our experts have usually found water-related problems:

  • In basements where foundation cracks, corroded storage containers, or malfunctioning appliances like water heaters and washing machines are present
  • Near older or faulty kitchen appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators
  • Under/in front of deteriorating or ruptured piping in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Beneath sinks and along the seals of shower closets and bathtubs
  • Around doors, other entry areas, and windows
  • On ceilings below roofing that has a clogged drainage network, loose tiles, or other forms of significant weathering

Knowing where to look for potential water issues is only half the battle, but it makes resolving your situation promptly much more likely. Early resolution of these troublesome occurrences enables you to limit your losses, have your residence cleaned up and restored more swiftly, and ultimately save your precious time and money.

If a water leak ever impacts your home and you need high-quality water damage repair work completed, remember that your friends at SERVPRO of Gaithersburg/Germantown are always here to help. Contact our experienced remediation professionals anytime at (301) 963-8474 for fast and practical assistance.

Is Water Damage Being Stored in Your Montgomery Village Cabinets?

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

water pooling on kitchen floor Did appliance leaks cause water damage to your kitchen cabinets?

Water Removal Montgomery Village – Drying Under Kitchen Cupboards

Water often finds its way under the cupboards whenever there is a water leak in the kitchen or the bathroom. It may travel into areas that are difficult to reach. Confirming the area is wet may be challenging unless you remove baseboards or utilize moisture meters. Allowing water to remain can cause damage to the subfloor to your cupboards, and a mold infestation may begin. 

Fortunately, SERVPRO knows the areas to check for water removal in Montgomery Village homes. We have the experience and knowledge about where to check for water. We also have the tools to take measurements without tearing apart your kitchen cupboards. We also have tools to remove water from under cabinets and dry the area. 

It is Important to Avoid Delays 

If water remains for any period of time, penetration of porous materials such as wood subfloors, particleboard, and even solid wood cupboards can occur. These materials swell as the wood absorbs moisture; before long, these structures can lose strength. Swelling of the wood cabinets can cause deformation, which causes cabinet doors and drawers to go out of alignment. 

SERVPRO can react to a client's call within four hours. We are available on a 24 / 7 basis. We urge consumers not to hesitate to deal with the water leak, remove the excess water, and initiate drying activities. A fast response can limit the damage and avoid additional loss, which can be much more expensive — E.G., replacing your cupboards.

We utilize specialty drying equipment to push dry air into a cavity under your cabinets. The dry air absorbs moisture, drying the area. We may suggest homeowners turn on their A.C. systems in addition to SERVPRO deploying dehumidifiers to lower overall humidity levels in the home to normal levels. 

Call SERVPRO for assistance before water damage can cause even more damage. 

Call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Washington Grove, Stewart Town, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Removing Moisture from Carpets and Hardwood In Your Gaithersburg Home

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

Water On Tile Floor We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Extracting Moisture from Carpets and Hardwood In Gaithersburg

Water leaks can occur most inopportunely from leaky pipes, overflowing tubs, and sinks. Leaky pipes burst due to age or even occasionally when pipes freeze during cold spells. A phone call can distract a client while the faucets are running. Before clients realize it, water is all over the floor, flowing onto carpeting, tile, and hardwood floors.

SERVPRO has the necessary equipment for water removal in Gaithersburg to fit every situation. We can deploy small portable water extractors and large truck-mounted pumps to remove large amounts of water from your home. We respond in less than four hours, assess the situation, and dispatch the appropriate equipment and human resources to remedy the situation.

Specialized Equipment

Surface water on tile and hardwood floors can be extracted rapidly using a light wand water extractor. Mops are used to remove any remaining water from the surface of hard surface floors until dry.

Water spreading across carpeting and penetrating the underpad requires deep extraction tools. SERVPRO has self-propelled water extraction tools that move slowly across the carpet and squeeze out the water, which is then vacuumed by the system. SERVPRO adds weight to the machine by the operator standing on the machine as it moves. Other units are moved by the operator every 10 to 15 seconds.

We may lift the carpet to extract moisture directly from the pad, depending on the amount of water. Air movers are brought in to blow dry air under and over the carpet to further absorb moisture. The moist air may be expelled out of the home. Or dehumidifiers are brought in to extract further moisture from the air. Many clients are encouraged to turn on the AC to add further drying capacity.

Drying Hardwood Floors

If water has penetrated between the joints of hardwood flooring, the wood may swell, causing an uneven floor or cupping and even splitting of some of the wood. Desiccant dehumidifiers may be required to draw additional moisture from the hardwood floor before there is any long-term damage.

Call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Montogomery Village, Washington Grove, Laytonsville, and the surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Can Provide Germantown Property Owners with Safe and Measured Water Loss Restoration

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded bathroom with water coming from the toilet Dealing with a toilet overflow? Team SERVPRO has the experienced technicians and the water removal equipment needed for the job. Call right away!

Is the Water Damage In Your Germantown Home Caused By Contaminated Water In Your Toilet?

Have your floors become water damaged from an overflowing toilet bowl? Do not touch the affected areas - they may be contaminated. We place water into three different categories depending on the level of contamination, and this determines what remediation procedures are needed.

Category 1 Water - Sanitary Water

Category 1 water is safe, uncontaminated water. The water damage from your Germantown home is less likely to be in Category 1 if it came from the toilet. Even if the toilet bowl is clean and the water is clear, it is still not safe to touch the water until remediation technicians can identify the level of contamination present.

Category 2 Water - Gray Water

SERVPRO technicians typically identify water from the toilet bowl as Category 2: significantly contaminated. This defines water that is absent of fecal matter, but present with urine and other unsanitary particles. Water that goes through the toilet tank and spills out onto the floor requires the use of gloves to reduce skin contact when handling the areas damaged by it.

Category 3 Water - Black Water

The most contaminated type of water, Black Water is present with fecal matter and possibly bacteria and other microorganisms. This water is grossly contaminated and needs to be handled with caution. Black Water can also be groundwater from flooding and water from a burst sewer. While on the job and dealing with this cleanup, SERVPRO technicians don protective gear to avoid contamination.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes:

- Gloves, Nitrile, Latex, Work Gloves

- Full-body suit

 - Respirator with particulate filters

- Waterproof boots

Black Water Removal And Home Sanitation

There are also different engineering controls needed to ensure that the contaminated water does not spread to other parts of the home. HVAC units are turned off to prevent contamination by air. Air scrubbers using HEPA filters can capture airborne moats. SERVPRO technicians can isolate the bathroom from other rooms with plastic sheeting 6-mil thick. Generally, this is needed when there is a blockage, not just a malfunctioning commode.

Is your bathroom carpeted? If so, the carpet may need to be removed. Most powder rooms and bathrooms are tiled or have a linoleum flooring material which resists water penetration.

Get rid of contaminated water as quickly as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Gaithersburg/Germantown at (301) 973-6257 for water removal and restoration services.

Our Experts Explain the Water Damage Remediation Process in Your Germantown Home

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

Leak on Tile Floor If there is substantial water damage to your home don't try and clean it up alone. Call SERVPRO today for professional remediation assistance.

Protecting Belongings in a Water-Damaged Germantown Home

One of the strengths of our SERVPRO team is our content management professionals that can protect the belongings of your Germantown home. With how quickly water loss incidents can sweep through properties, many of your possessions can become affected or at-risk. As much as many homeowners have opted to seek the professional assistance that our team members can provide, there are ways that you can help reduce your loss in the items you own.

With the substantial level of water damage possible to Germantown homes, it is not surprising how a small circumstance can blossom into something severe. More importantly, spreading water can begin absorbing into material directly exposed, leaving both structural elements and your items susceptible to saturation. While we have a rapid response mitigation team that can start protecting these belongings with our pack-out and containment efforts, what do you do until help arrives?

Even with more widespread water damaged incidents that occur in the house, these emergencies are rarely enough to force homeowners and occupants to vacate the premises. Once a situation gets discovered in your property, you can save yourself time and money on the ultimate restoration costs by starting to move at-risk or compromised possessions to a safe place in the house. If protected from the developing water damage incident, even our content management might not need to remove all your belongings from your home when we arrive.

While you might not have a great idea of how water damage can affect treasured belongings throughout your property, you can at least work to elevate essential, irreplaceable items to get collected first by our response team. The SERVPRO professionals we entrust to protect these items are with them through every step of their restoration, including transportation to the facility and the cleaning and deodorizing of many of these same items. 

The team we dispatch to your address arrives with the full measure of tools needed to begin crucial mitigation efforts right away. Part of this recovery involves the earmarking and removal of at-risk items to our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown facility nearby. We go above and beyond to get things back to normal as promptly as possible. Give us a call today at (301) 963-8474.

Water Mitigation FAQs From Gaithersburg Residents

2/25/2022 (Permalink)

water leaking from the ceiling of a bedroom Ceiling leaks can quickly damage sheetrock and the flooring below. Our certified team is standing by 24/7 for your emergency water mitigation call.

SERVPRO’s Water Mitigation Saves Time and Money in Gaithersburg!

Ceiling leaks, a faulty appliance, burst pipes, and flooding in your home or business are emotional and stressful. In these situations, it warrants a call to experts to handle mitigation and restoration so that you can get your Gaithersburg property back in order fast. Rather than trying to approach the mess with DIY methods, SERVPRO is here with IICRC-certified technicians ready to get to work with the right equipment and know-how!

We get calls often for fire and water restorations from both commercial and residential customers. Water mitigation in Gaithersburg helps save you time and money overall on your project. These are some of the more frequently asked questions that SERVPRO gets from area customers:

  • What is water mitigation service? SERVPRO believes that fast, efficient mitigation is the best way to save our customers time, money and having to part with unsalvageable belongings. We act fast to assess the situation, remove water from impacted areas, and employ specialized tools, equipment, and quality products to help us achieve our drying goals so that restoration can begin.
  • How long does water mitigation take? No two water-related projects are exactly alike, so the time varies greatly from one to the next. Our crew chief assesses the job and provides you with the best estimate. Factors that may lengthen the timeframe include the amount and type of water involved, how long water has been left standing, and any materials in the impacted areas.
  • Will dehumidification be necessary? Most water-related jobs require the use of our powerful dehumidifiers. We use these units to remove moisture from the air, protect your home from mold growth, and restore relative humidity (RH) throughout.

When it comes to water mitigation and industry-proven restoration service, you can trust that SERVPRO of Gaithersburg/Germantown will get it done right the first time. Give us a call at (301) 963-8474, and we can deploy a crew as soon as possible.

The Effect of Cold Snaps on Gaithersburg Homes

12/24/2021 (Permalink)

icicles hanging onto the edge of a roof Take heed and prevent frozen pipes early on in the season. Contact SERVPRO for both prevention methods and water removal services.

Preventative care can help to avoid costly water damage to Gaithersburg properties this winter.

The winter months can welcome threatening conditions like steep temperature drops and heavy snowfall. When areas of your property become threatened by these conditions, our SERVPRO professionals can help with fast mitigation and reliable cleanup.

Flooding in the Attic

Between frozen pipes and ice damming for Gaithersburg homes, there are many ways properties can be damaged by harsh winter conditions. Attic flooding can often result from ice damming on the roof that ultimately forces water under the shingles and back through the roof to the attic space below.

Can Damming Be Prevented?

A few possible steps to avoiding ice damming can be implemented both in and outside the home. These include:

  • Better Insulation
  • Heated Cable Installation
  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts
  • Ice Prevention Barrier Materials

Pipe Damage and Rupturing

Another possible damage situation homes could experience freezing pipes. Ice blockages in the line build pressure, which can rupture or break water service lines in the house under the right conditions.

How Do Pipes Get Thawed?

A frozen pipe does not always spell disaster for your home, however. There are circumstances where it is possible to thaw the affected plumbing before pressures build to the point of a rupture or split. Using a hairdryer on the affected area, you can warm the pipe to melt a blockage while running the cold water from an attached faucet when possible.

SERVPRO is Here to Help

When disasters strike, you want to make sure you have experienced professionals working fast to return the property to preloss condition. With situations like flooding or burst pipes, we must prioritize removing standing water to prevent greater harm to the rest of the house. Some of the tools used in this process include:

The winter season can be a wonderful time, but it can also harbor conditions that produce the worst disasters that many homes will see. When harsh conditions impact your property through burst pipes or damaged roofs, our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown team can help you. Call us today at (301) 963-8474.

Water Mitigation Happens Fast with SERVPRO in Gaithersburg

10/26/2021 (Permalink)

water damage spot on drywall around pipes Neglected water damage can lead to significant issues. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of water damage for complete restoration.

Can SERVPRO’s Water Mitigation Service Save Gaithersburg Homes from Long-Term Damage?

Neglected water damage can cause significant problems to your property that can take a lot more time and money to repair. Hence, it is crucial to hire professionals like SERVPRO for water mitigation of your Gaithersburg home at the right time to prevent any long-term damage.  

SERVPRO techs use state-of-the-art equipment and a multistep process during water mitigation of your Gaithersburg home to limit the damage and get the restoration underway.

SERVPRO restorers follow the IICRC S500 guidelines during water damage restoration and control airflow, humidity, and temperature to accelerate the drying process.  

How do SERVPRO Techs Use Temperature During Water Cleanup of Gaithersburg Homes?

Temperature is a critical factor that controls the drying rate of your water-damaged Gaithersburg home. Surfaces and the surrounding air constantly receive or give moisture to or from each other depending on the difference between surface temperature and dew point. The greater the difference when the surface temperature is higher, the faster drying will occur.

SERVPRO techs use heat to speed up the movement of moisture through the materials. Warm air can hold more water than cold air, and hence, increasing the temperature of the air in wet areas can increase the potential for faster evaporation. SERVPRO techs use space heating equipment to raise the temperature of the wet material as well. We have gas-powered portable furnaces available to boost temperatures when required. We measure efficient drying when the temperature of both the air and surface is increased.  

As the temperature rises, the water molecules gain further energy and move quickly. With an increase in the rate of movement, the bonds between water molecules weaken, causing a change in state from liquid to vapor. Our training in psychrometry manifests itself in minimal time for drying with maximum protection of the structure and contents.

Call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 for a free consultation.

How Can I Find Germantown Water Removal Services?

8/22/2021 (Permalink)

flooded out laundry room When water damage arises in your home, SERVPRO should be the first call. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

SERVPRO Can Provide Water Removal Solutions For Your Germantown Home

No homeowner wants to find water damage in their home. However, not all homeowners deal with the situation in an ideal way, which can benefit the longevity of their homes. Many people do not realize that something as simple as quickly taking action can make a significant difference in the remediation process. Immediate action can even keep costs low. 

When faced with pooling water in your laundry room, quickly calling for Germantown water removal services is the best thing you can do. Picture a scenario where you wake up from a pleasant afternoon nap. You check on the progress of your laundry, only to find that something had gone very wrong while you slept. Due to old parts malfunctioning, water is puddled on your laundry room floor. 

At SERVPRO, we know exactly what we can do to help you. Our vehicles are pre-packed with advanced technology, designed for water removal and restoration. Once at your home, we can use our industry-grade technology to remove the pooled water. Some devices and techniques we might use include: 

  • Floor removal if necessary 
  • Wet/dry vacuums to clean up the standing water
  • Dehumidifiers for evaporation of remaining moisture 

Using a combination of technique and technology, SERVPRO can remove the water from your home swiftly. 

If your home requires water removal solutions, never wait to get help. Speak with SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown by dialing (301) 963-8474. We're available 24/7.

The Ultimate Guide to Water Damage Remediation in Your Germantown Residence

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

a kitchen floor covered in water Clean up after your dishwasher dumped soapy water all of your floor needs to happen right away. Call SERVPRO 24/7. We are quick to the scene.

How to Deal With Water Damage Affecting Your Germantown House

The road to recovery after water damage in a home is rarely straightforward. One incident such as a faulty appliance causes the damage, but the damages are widely distributed, affecting several areas within the property. Involving professional water damage restorers can help in managing such distributed nature of the damage efficiently. 

Different stains can develop after water damage in your Germantown home, affecting carpets, upholstery items, and even items with polished wooden surfaces. Stains are irritating because, even though they do not cause actual physical deterioration of the item, they diminish the visual appeal. This problem is even more pronounced for high-end items. Our SERVPRO technicians use different strategies to deal with stains, and other issues left after a water damage incident. We do spot cleaning, which helps remove any settled stains from carpets. We also schedule stain removal before the affected item dries to prevent further settling. We wet the entire item during cleaning to avoid water lines to deal with stains and patches affecting upholstery items.

Water Clean Up

Different materials of the structure deteriorate after exposure to high amounts of water or moisture. Wood, which is used in different sections of the house, including floors and other surfaces in the home, can rot, warp or even crack depending on exposure and the speed of extraction. Different materials like drywall and wood composite lose structural integrity. Our SERVPRO technicians help take steps that prevent or reverse the effects of water exposure. Moisture detection equipment such as moisture sensors and meters allow us to establish the level of wetness in different materials. On the other hand, Thermal cameras help us identify wet materials in concealed sections of the house. We usually bring a variety of moisture control equipment to a damaged site, including:

  • Truck-mounted water extractors 
  • Portable water extractors 
  • LGR Dehumidifiers 
  • High-velocity air movers 

Water spills might lead to foul odors originating from different sources, including stagnation, dissolved materials, or the products used during cleanup. Our SERVPRO technicians use other odor control techniques, including fogging, which vaporizes deodorizing agents, allowing deep penetration into materials neutralizing stubborn odors. 

To address all the problems that crop up after water damage incidents, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 to assist. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Our Extraction Gear Can Restore Your Water Damaged Germantown Home

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

standing in a pool of water in the house. Pooling water from water damage in your home needs the service of a professional outfit. SERVPRO provides top-notch water damage restoration services.

Extraction Gear For Substantial Water Damage In Germantown Homes

Water damage incidents can often leave standing water in areas of your Germantown home. Without the appropriate means of handling this situation, homeowners often struggle to fully address the concern, allowing moisture and dampness to persist without fully understanding the extent of the damage. Pooling water and oversaturation can continue to be concerning in areas out of sight, affecting points like wall cavities, flooring, ceilings, and other structural elements or materials.

While most owners can immediately appreciate a need for water removal services in their Germantown home when incidents arise, some fail to see the urgency of the situation when they can begin drying and sopping efforts independently. Our SERVPRO team has sophisticated devices to identify moisture content and saturation levels in materials and spaces and a wide array of extraction tools to remove standing water that water damage incidents can cause in the property.

We can appreciate how important the right tool is for the job, and that is why our technicians roll out from our facility with a sample of our complete inventory of recovery equipment. We have multiple extraction units that begin with full-sized extractor trucks in the SERVPRO Green Fleet that can remove water at 300 psi. This approach is one of our most effective removal practices, but it is not always necessary for the location or severity of the water damage situation.

Portable options are among the most popular for getting standing water under control in your home after an emergency. We can quickly maneuver portable sump pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands to address the lingering pooling water throughout the house and prepare the property for the drying solutions that must follow.

We have many different devices and machines that can help get the most severe water damage incidents resolved quickly. Our SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown professionals have the expertise and the equipment to make these damages “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (301) 963-8474.

Are Ceiling Repairs from Water Damage Expensive in Germantown?

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling in a rec room with water damage Not sure what to do when you have a ceiling leak? Call SERVPRO for water damage remediation.

SERVPRO Provides Cost-Efficient Water Damage Repair for Germantown Residents

Ceilings are prone to cosmetic damage following a water emergency. These issues can occur due to moisture migrating through floors on the upper levels or higher humidity levels, causing vapor damage. Common signs can include cracking of paintwork, bubbling, yellowing, or odor.

Our technicians can assist with:

One of the first duties of water damage repair technicians in your Germantown home is to stabilize the situation. Stabilizing can be setting up work tables, protecting areas in the vicinity of damage, and saving furniture. Once the issue is stable, we can address the source of damage before repairing and restoring the ceiling.

  • Lath and plaster ceilings may suffer damage as laths break away from the plaster. These can often be fixed with dry lining methods.
  • IICRC Certified Technicians can overboard plaster and repaint it to a preloss condition. Fortunately, most wall and ceiling materials are now fabricated from gypsum boards.
  • Circulating warm air into ceiling cavities with an air-mover can help to address long-standing moisture issues.
  • Ceilings with water intrusion can get worse over time. 

Contact SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown mentioning water damage repair at (301) 963-8474 for assistance.

Can Water Intrusion Cause Secondary Damages?

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling. Water damage may cause numerous unhealthy effects to your home. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified for any size water restoration job.

Wet Properties Can Encourage the Growth of Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses in your Gaithersburg home.

Microorganisms proliferate under the influence of moisture. A relatively small appliance malfunction can lead to significant damage due to microbial growth. SERVPRO can quickly and efficiently dry your home to reduce secondary damages.

The most important rule of water restoration in Gaithersburg is to dry the home efficiently. We use industrial standard drying equipment to control ventilation, temperature, and humidity in the property. This atmospheric control is known as psychrometry and can be adapted to reduce the timeframe of restoration. By maintaining control over the indoor atmosphere, our technicians can reduce drying times and secondary damages.

  • Dehumidification successfully reduces water vapor damage in the home.
  • Air-movers can help to maintain consistent ventilation in an enclosed space.
  • Drying properties quickly can mitigate secondary microbial damages.

We can apply antimicrobial agents to disinfect the affected areas and to help prevent the potential for fungal growth. We welcome a walkthrough with our customer at the completion of the project.

To prevent further damage in your home, contact SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown for water restoration at (301) 963-8474.

Shop at the Holiday Arts Market in Gaithersburg

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Shop around a the Holiday Arts Market while SERVPRO takes care of your homes water removal.

Shop at the Holiday Arts Market in Gaithersburg

The Holiday Arts Market in Gaithersburg Has Several Unique Items to Buy

One of the best places to shop in Montgomery County is the annual Holiday Arts Market put on at the Arts Barn Gallery during the holiday season. The market takes place every year through a collaborative effort between the city and the Gaithersburg Artist Collective. The special holiday art show gives visitors the chance to purchase one-of-a-kind art pieces created by over 30 different kinds of artists in the area.

When coming to the Holiday Arts Market, it is wise to remember the following:

The market is open starting in mid-November, and it runs until December 30.

This event is currently available by-appointment-only, and people can make appointments between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The market will feature the Gaithersburg Artist Collective's collaborative pop-up exhibit that includes works from artists specializing in various forms of artwork.

If you ever need water mitigation inside your home, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 24/7.

Can Proactive Inspection Minimize Water Damage to My Germantown Shower?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown offers mitigation and restoration that lets homeowners feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Certified Restoration Technicians at SERVPRO Provide Water Damage Restoration for Germantown Homeowners

According to the Insurance Information Institute, one in 50 homes are affected to some extent by water damage each year in the United States. A pinhole leak or small crack in a pipe can add between $100 to $600 additional dollars a month to a Germantown property owner’s water bill.

SERVPRO professionals can render water damage restoration for Germantown homes that returned your property to a preloss condition. Restoration technicians are certified to not only handle water damage mitigation but also make necessary structural repairs and replacements so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable living space once more.

How Can SERVPRO Availability Save Homeowners Time and Money?
SERVPRO technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays, to ensure that homeowners get the access necessary to minimize damage to their homes and belongings. Proactive disaster mitigation is key to maximizing cost-saving measures and reducing the potential presence of mold and microbes on surfaces and in the air.

    •    Water saturates surfaces within minutes of exposure and begins damaging items within hours of contact. This damage can include waterlogged drywall, damage to wall studs and subfloors, and delaminating adhesives holding down such materials as vinyl flooring.
    •    After as little as 24 hours, mold can proliferate on water damage surfaces, especially porous surfaces like carpeting, wood, and drywall.
    •    In less than a week, water damage can multiply damages to your home considerably. This can include corroding metals, delaminating carpet, destroying drywall, and warping, swelling, and cracking wood in both structural materials and furniture.

How Can Property Owners Detect a Shower Leak Behind a Wall?
    •    Take note of water stains and leaks. Homeowners with a first-floor shower and a basement underneath, or second-floor bathroom with the leak, may find signs of water damage on the ceiling immediately under the bathroom or water dripping from the ceiling.
    •    Create an inspection window in your drywall. If rear access to your shower is possible, use a stud finder to cut an approximately 8" x 10" rectangle for viewing the wall interior. Consider installing an access panel for ease of inspection.
    •    Evaluate the wall interior for signs of water damage. If there is an internal leak, you may find water stains on the drywall beneath the tub drain. Examine pipes for signs of fresh moisture or oxidation on copper pipes, especially after running your tub or shower.
    •    Run the shower to see if leaks occur. While rear access to a shower valve can be difficult for many homeowners, front access is doable, though it is often more challenging to find the source of a leak. Sometimes the showerhead or arm may be the cause. rather than the shower valve.

If you are still unsure of the source of the water leak in your shower, contact a licensed plumber about repairs and a trusted restoration team like SERVPRO for cleanup.

What are Some Common Fixes for a Leaking Shower Valve or Arm?
A leaking shower valve is one of the more common culprits of a shower leak. If this component is the source, consider the following solutions:
    •    A leaky valve stem can indicate that the cartridge needs replacement.
    •    A direct leak from the body of the shower valve may necessitate the removal and replacement of your shower valve.

When replacing a shower valve on copper pipes, take care that you leave enough room to piece in a new valve with a repair coupling. Germantown homeowners with PEX pipes do not have to be as precise to perform the same task.

If the shower arm is the issue, begin repairs by removing the escutcheon around the shower arm. This plate can be either split or solid. The former can be removed without unscrewing the showerhead, while the latter means that the showerhead requires removal to take off the cover. Once you have access to the shower arm, you can:
    •    Tighten screws.
    •    Clean and dry pipe threads.
    •    Wrap the pipe in plumbers tape or seal with Teflon pipe dope.

How Does SERVPRO’s Sanitation Resources Remediate Microbial Growth and Odors?
SERVPRO technicians have access to over 100 EPA-registered proprietary antimicrobial solutions that virtually eliminate microbes and odor-causing particles, especially when used in tandem with moisture extraction, structural drying, and odor control equipment. This multi-pronged approach removes water damage odors in your bathroom at the source.

After performing moisture extraction, SERVPRO can focus on remediating potential microbial growth if signs of mold are present. Mold containment and remediation are performed before drying to prevent spores from spreading through the air while centrifugal air movers are operational.

SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown offers mitigation and restoration that lets homeowners feel, “Like it never even happened.” Call (301) 963-8474 to begin the cleanup process.

Does Leak Repair and Water Damage Go Hand in Hand?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

"Contact us" SERVPRO can make water damage in your home, "Like it never even happened." Contact us today at (301) 963-8474.

SERVPRO Ensures Your Gaithersburg Property Gets Rapid, Reliable Leak Repair and Water Damage Restoration.

Right after you notice a leak anywhere in your home, it is critical that you act fast. After the water source has been stopped and you know that electricity is not an issue, making a call to our team at SERVPRO gets you the rapid response you are looking to have. Because soaked materials can start to develop mold in as little as 24 hours after saturation, the faster we act, the better chances we have of salvaging the belongings within your Gaithersburg home.

What Caused My Water Leak?

When it comes to water damage repair in Gaithersburg, we often see that leaks come about due to a broad range of causes. Some of the most common reasons our customers call us for leak repair and water damage restoration include the following:

  • Broken Seals
  • Corrosion
  • Clogged Lines
  • Damaged Piping Joints
  • Excessive Water Pressure
  • Tree Root Intrusion
  • Loosened Water Connections
  • Drastic Temperature Changes
  • Human Error

If you have a leak in your home that comes from leaking pipes, then this is considered to be a clean water situation. A clean water event means that the water involved is relatively harmless or does not contain contaminants. 

Once called, our Green Fleet is on the scene in as little as a couple of hours to start the assessment phase. We bring a variety of industrial-strength tools and high-powered equipment to pull up as much water as possible. Our crew also utilizes moisture detection equipment to ensure no hidden moisture pockets get left behind. We take the time to carefully monitor the drying and dehumidification process so that everything is left “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Gaithersburg/Germantown is available when you need us for skilled water damage repair. Call us 24/7 for emergency response at (301) 963-8474.

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What Should I Do if My Walls and Floors Get Wet After a Pipe in My Gaithersburg Kitchen Bursts?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak If your walls and flooring ever gets wet after one of your kitchen supply lines breaks, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown.

For Water Damage Repair Inside Your Kitchen in Gaithersburg Call SERVPRO

Your kitchen is one room in your Gaithersburg house that has several water lines running in and out of it. If one of these lines breaks, several gallons of water could spill out into your kitchen and other living areas. If any of your organic building materials such as your floorboards, drywall, or wall studs stay wet for more than 48 hours, mold can start to grow.

How can you remove moisture from my wet walls and floors quickly?

During water damage repair efforts in Gaithersburg, our SERVPRO technicians start with the extraction process. We can then set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers that can remove moisture from your contents and building materials as well as air in the atmosphere. However, we must calculate the proper ration between the two machines because if there are too few air movers, the process will go too slowly, and if there are too many air movers, secondary damage can result because there will be too much moisture in the air.

How do you know how many air movers to set up inside my house?

All of our SERVPRO technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) program, and we follow the standards set by the organization to determine how many air movers to use. The IICRC S500-2015 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration says that an air mover needs to be placed in every affected room. Then the restorer should add additional air movers using the following guidelines:

    •    One air mover should be added for every 50 to 70 square feet of wet flooring.
    •    An additional fan should be placed for every 100 to 150 square feet of wet ceilings or walls above two feet high.
    •    An air mover should also be added for each wall inset or offset that is more than 18 inches.

If your walls and flooring ever gets wet after one of your kitchen supply lines breaks, call SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 seven days a week.

I Need Help with Water Removal in Montgomery Village, What Tools Does SERVPRO Use?

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Water damage restoration will ensure your interior is like-new once again.

Prompt, Reliable Water Damage Restoration is Where SERVPRO Shines – Call Us to Your Montgomery Village Home for Emergency Service

The kitchen and the bathroom are two common areas around the home where water incidents happen. Whether you had a dishwasher that malfunctioned or a pipe burst in your bathroom, the moments after the event are the most critical. Any water loss scenario calls for prompt cleanup to mitigate the damage and cut back on the severity of the loss. SERVPRO features highly-trained technicians who arrive prepared to get to work quickly so that your interior gets restored sooner. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we come to your Montgomery Village property with all of the technology and tools for the job.

I Started to Clean Up the Water, Is That Okay?

The main goal for water removal is to ensure that the standing water does not migrate into other areas. Water likes to travel to dry spaces while following the path to least resistance. Until we arrive, you can carefully try to mop up the water, but you must be mindful that you are not pushing it into hidden cracks and crevices. In many situations, we suggest that you leave the water damage restoration in Montgomery Village to our trained water restoration technicians (WRT) at SERVPRO.

Leave Water Extraction to the Trained Professionals

Whether you have hardwood flooring or carpeting in the water loss zone, our skilled team has the training necessary to remove standing water quickly. Handheld wet vacuums allow us to pull up water from hard-surface floorings, such as tile floors, linoleum, and hardwood. Weighted extractors, or rovers, are beneficial for removing water from carpeting as well as the carpet padding below.

We Track Water Migration

Once water removal begins after the initial water loss incident, there might not be any visible signs of water remaining. This is why our IICRC-certified team uses moisture detection equipment to determine whether we need to address potential problem areas, such as:

• Behind your baseboards
• Under cabinetry
• Within your walls or ceilings
• Under carpeting and subflooring

These are all common areas where residual moisture might be found, which calls for the use of professional drying and dehumidification equipment.

Detecting Moisture in Hard-to-Reach Areas

There are occasions when water may get between walls or into the subfloor as it travels to find lower points within your home. We utilize several moisture detection tools that allow our team to detect hidden moisture spots while also helping us to avoid the onset of mold. A few of the moisture detection tools that we use include:

• Moisture sensors
• Moisture meters
• Infrared cameras
• Thermal hygrometers

In some instances, the team might have to drill a few holes into the walls and then use a vacuum to pull water out of the cavity. This gets done while also blowing dry air into the space to facilitate drying.

What Happens During the Drying Phase?

For total water damage restoration to occur, the use of industrial-grade, specialized drying equipment is essential. If your subflooring call for drying attention, our technicians carefully remove your flooring or tile as needed. We utilize a range of drying equipment and technicians to circulate the air while cutting back on moisture levels. What this does is allow for optimum drying using technology such as:

• Industrial-strength fans
• Drying mats
• Centrifugal air movers
• Dehumidifiers

Should there be any small spaces that call for special attention, we utilize our InjectiDry system. This is ideal for addressing wall cavities once we remove the baseboards. The advanced drying method helps us to dry the space without the need to open the wall further with controlled demolition.

We Have a Special Formula to Enhance Drying

Once we put the plan in place to help with water damage restoration, our crew chief determines how many drying units and dehumidifiers are necessary to handle the project. Air movers work to pull moisture to the surface from materials like flooring, paneling, and drywall. Because water moves from wetness to dry spaces, it creates a reverse action where moisture makes its way out to get closer to the air currents.

Do I Have to Worry About Mold?

Many homeowners forget that even the slightest bit of leftover moisture can create the perfect atmosphere for mold and mildew growth. This is why professional restoration is best to ensure your interior is arid after a water loss incident. Elevated moisture levels and the right amount of humidity must be addressed to ensure your interior is clear and ready for you to enjoy once again. Our skilled technicians perform a variety of proactive treatments to the surfaces and structural materials throughout your home to eliminate the onset of bacterial growth.

Water damage restoration will ensure your interior is like-new once again. Call us at SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown at (301) 963-8474 to enlist our team for emergency service 24/7.

How Much Damage Can a Leaking Pipe Do in Gaithersburg?

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

Water spreading on parquet floor in a house Regardless of the level of water damage that is present in your home, you can trust that our team at SERVPRO gets to work fast.

Promptly Addressing Water Damage from a Leaking Pipe in Your Gaithersburg Home is What SERVPRO Does Best!

Even the smallest leak coming from a pipe within your home can send out enough water to cause plenty of damage. There are times when a household develops a slow leak within their plumbing system that begins to seep into the walls, behind cabinets, and other tight areas. The moment that you notice a leak has been dripping and soaking an area, calling in the help of trained water restoration technicians (WRT) is the best way to get the cleanup and repair necessary to return your home to preloss condition.

Why Should I Call SERVPRO for Restoration?
Water damage in Gaithersburg should never be left to chance with a do-it-yourself cleanup job. We have IICRC-certified technicians that come to your home quickly so that we can get started on assessing the water loss.

    •    Our skilled technicians are available for water cleanup and restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and always ready to get to work on your schedule!
    •    The Green Fleet arrives at your property with trucks loaded with the latest equipment and products to help us facilitate fast, efficient service for quality results.

After we assess the loss and formulate a plan to address the water from the leaking pipe in your home. We use moisture sensors, and thermal imaging cameras allow us to find hidden pockets of moisture trapped behind baseboards, wall cavities, and cabinets. Our team removes any damaged materials using controlled demolition so that we can restore your home to make it look, “Like it never even happened.”

Regardless of the level of water damage that is present in your home, you can trust that our team at SERVPRO of Gaithersburg / Germantown gets to work fast. Give us a call at (301) 963-8474 to schedule an emergency service call, and we will deploy a crew as quickly as possible.

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We Act Fast In Gaithersburg After A Water Loss

3/5/2020 (Permalink)

One of our infrared cameras used to detect damage We use our infrared cameras which allow for more accurate damage assessment when restoring your home. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

Don’t Let Water Damage Lead to Immense Costs in Your Gaithersburg Home

Once you get hit with a water loss event, all potential hazards must be contained within the home. If you call the experts right away, years of training and all of the right equipment help ensure your home gets back to normal as quickly as possible. The skilled technicians at SERVPRO can be reached if you find yourself in a bind due to water damage. We can send out a team for emergency services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to make it “Like it never even happened.”

After you call SERVPRO, a team of skilled technicians comes to your property to assess your water damage in Gaithersburg. We spring into action quickly to ensure that the water does not begin to migrate into other areas of the home. The more that water seeps into other areas, restoration is slowed, and it calls for invasive measures and highly sophisticated equipment. In order to halt water migration, our technicians use light wand extractors as well as powerful air movers, dehumidifiers, and industrial fans. When strategically placed throughout your home, we can facilitate expedited drying due to optimum airflow.

Minding Mold Growth

Water damage incidents always pose a threat in terms of microbe growth. Microbes are living organisms that thrive when the right conditions arise, such as increased moisture in the home after a water damage event. To limit the amount of damage to porous materials throughout your interior, SERVPRO works to thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces with the help of specialized cleaning agents that not only kill bacteria and inhibit mold growth but also halt foul odor development. 

Assessment and Planning

SERVPRO has devised a plan of action with each water damage assessment, allowing us to get to work quickly to help minimize damage. All of our trucks come fully equipped with the pumps, tools, and chemical compounds that we need to remove water, clean up the area, dry everything, and make sure all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected. Once your home is dry and clean, we then use anti-microbial compounds on all of your upholstery and carpeting with misters or pressure sprayers to finish up the project.

There is no water damage incident that we cannot handle at SERVPRO of Gaithersburg/Germantown. If you need help, put in a phone call to us at (301) 963-8474, and we deploy a team as quickly as possible.

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